Brian Fielding Discusses Financing Options for Commercial Properties

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Brian Fielding, Commercial Property Investment, Property Investment Advisor | Comments Off on Brian Fielding Discusses Financing Options for Commercial Properties

The Wall Street Journal had a most interesting article recently about financing on commercial properties that should be of interest to all persons considering investing in that industry.

Previously, lenders were reluctant to provide financing on smaller deals, those that would most appeal to the new investor. However as the WSJ reports, lenders are revisiting their previous reluctance and are now actively seeking to lend on properties that are in the reach of many investors and small partnerships shares property investment advisor Brian Fielding.

As the reader will note, non-traditional lenders as well as regulated banks have found that there is a need and an opportunity in lending for small acquisitions. Indeed, giants such as Wells Fargo have implemented programs to lend as little as one million dollars for relatively small acquisitions.

Investment advisor, Brian Fielding commented that “The change in policy should be exciting to anyone considering pursuing commercial properties. Even nouveau investors are well positioned to borrow on assets that are leased to creditworthy tenants.”

In fact, many of the market setters are willing to consider limiting the recourse that they require, recognizing that the inherent value of the real estate and the quality of the lease provides a great deal of security in many deals. For more information about these types of investments and many others, contact Brian Fielding today.


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