Brian Fielding Explores Which Charity to Choose for Donations

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 Which Charity to Choose for Donations

Which Charity to Choose for Donations

Many Americans each year hope to spend some of their extra earnings towards helping a good cause. Even the smallest donation can help a good cause, but those who want to make sure their money actually makes a difference should keep a few things in mind before pulling out their checkbook. Brian Fielding, a real estate expert whose job description is to offer advice to his clients about important life decisions and help guide them during a difficult process, knows there are some things to look for or to consider before making a charitable contribution, and here are a few of his best tips.

One of the first and most important things someone should consider before donating to a specific charity is determining which cause they are passionate about. Brian Fielding recommends looking for something close to the community you call home, since it could make an impact locally or perhaps to benefit someone you know needs help.

But there are also a variety of national organizations out there too, and sometimes a certain somethings speaks to someone. You might even find out about a certain cause you hope to make a donation to by seeing information on social networking or hearing about them through a relative or family friend. Before giving away your hard-earned money, it’s important to find out as much as possible about the charity itself. Doing some simple research online should offer more enlightenment about how the money is spent after donations. Some places might claim to be a non-profit organization, but in the end will keep more money to pay their employees rather than funding programs or benefitting the actual cause it should. Once armed with this information, Brian Fielding knows more Americans than ever should be able to distinguish which charities out there will provide assistance and help for those who need it most.

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