Brian Fielding Reveals the State of the Commercial Property Investment Market Today

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Real Estate Agent Handing Over the Keys in Front of Vacant Busin

Brian Fielding is known throughout the industry as being one of the leaders in assessing the potential value of commercial, office, retail, and industrial assets. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Brian Fielding knows what to look for in real estate investments, and how the market is expected to go well into 2015.

Property Investment Advisor, Brian Fielding, manages properties from coast to coast in the United States including assets in Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Mississippi among others. He maintains that the commercial real estate market is somewhat inflated due to increased demand for investment capital.

“I believe that nothing is better than commercial real estate for both near and long-term investments,” said Brian Fielding. “In our portfolio, we have increased our holdings in net-lease properties as well as redeveloped properties that others have rejected for minor environmental contamination.”

“Over the past few years, investors have target net-leased properties that have already been developed and leased to a wide range of retailers. This type of property has been extremely resistant to the recession and continues to do well in 2015.”

To many investors, it has made sense to invest in major retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar, and WalMart through the purchase of properties, rather than purchasing their stock at multiples as high as 20 times future earnings.

“While cap rates have pressed some assets into the 4 – 6 range, the advantages of owning the underlying asset and enjoying the benefits of depreciation have a special allure.”

The professional investor is better equipped to manage the challenges of owning environmentally challenged assets, and, of course, the return that can be realized on them is equally increased.

“While the general public is overly afraid of the term contamination,” Real Estate Investment Advisor, Brian Fielding said, “professional investors realize that a property that has been labeled as contaminated may present a minimal health hazard, and can be remediated over time. Of course, there are some properties where this is true, but there are many more properties where there is no real danger and where new technologies can help in turning the property into an excellent long-term investment with strong returns.”

Brian Fielding maintains that the commercial property investment industry will continue to be strong going into 2015.

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