DebtX: CMBS Loan Prices Declined Slightly In August

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Loan Prices Declined Slightly In August

Loan Prices Declined Slightly In August


 DebtX, the largest marketplace for loans, said today that prices of commercial real estate loans underlying the CMBS universe declined modestly in August.

“CMBS loan prices fell slightly in August, due mostly to a slight upward shift in the treasury yield curve,” said DebtX Managing Director Will Mercer. “A sizeable increase in August spreads also contributed to the decline in prices. However, we are still seeing price gains on a year-over-year basis.”

As of the end of August, DebtX had priced $872 billion in commercial real estate loans that collateralize U.S. CMBS trusts. The estimated price of whole loans securing this universe decreased to 98.2% at the end of August compared to 99.1% at the end of July. Prices were 96% in August 2014.

Median adjusted loan-to-value remained at 57% in August and the median debt service coverage ratio remained at 1.45. The median estimated loan yield also held at 4.3%.

DebtX provides third-party loan valuation services for both public and private clients, as well as analytics and data based on over a decade of secondary market loan sales at DebtX.

To learn more about DebtX’s suite of valuation, data and analytics products, call 617.531.3429. For information about loan sale advisory services, call 617.531.3400.

About DebtX
DebtX operates the world’s most liquid marketplace for loans. Through its loan sale advisory, DebtX maximizes loan sale proceeds for financial institutions and government agencies. DebtX also provides loan valuation, analytics and market data for regulatory and audit purposes.

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